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Primary design

Layout and elevations

Voltage levels up to 400kV GIS and AIS site plans, layouts, ducts and trench layouts, transformer bund details, access and egress drawings for installations and maintenance, hazard plans, CDM drawings, demolition drawings.


Primary equipment verifications

Inquiry documents, manufacturer specification verifications.


Loading calculations

Calculation of forces on primary equipment (from short circuit, wind, ice, sag & tension of spans), calculation of forces on support structures for primary equipment, calculation of forces on equipment foundations.


Earthing calculations and design

Complete earthing system calculation using two or three layer soil model; equivalent grid resistance; production of following diagrams: GPR, Step voltage, touch voltage; optimization of grounding grid conductor sections and length; above and below ground layouts, earthing details and BoQ`s.


Cable routing

HV power cable routings, LV and multicore cable routings, trays and ladders layouts, sections, details and BoQ`s.



interfaces with civil design, OHL / HV Cable contractors, Manufacturers of transformers, GIS, LVAC, DC, Aux. transformers etc…


3D modeling

Complete stations, parts of substation or details like transformer bunds, OHL down-leads, ladders and trays, buildings and trenches etc…


Reverse engineering

3D scanning of existing substations and creation of precise electronic documents of those...


As build documentations

Production of  As build doc`s of all mentioned documents based on site markups.


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