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Secondary design


Creations of SLD based on typical arrangements or client request, definition of primary equipment, definition of control & protection operation and principles.


CT/VT calculations

Calculation of accuracy limit factors or knee points for all cores based on control and protection requirements.


C&P logic diagrams

Logic diagrams of control and protection, inter-locking (mechanical and electrical), inter-tipping, auto close schemes, operational tripping schemes, trip logic  etc..


Circuit diagrams

Production of circuit diagrams, wiring diagrams, cable lists, core sheets, equipment connection diagrams etc…


Secondary equipment selection

Based on tender requests, optimization of control and protection devices and functions, SCS equipment, metering, selection of small equipment in panels, BoQ`s…


Protection setting

Calculations, relay parameterization for all leading manufacturers.


Panel general arrangement

Tentative or detail design of C&P panels as per selected secondary equipment.



Within substation between all electrical systems (C&P, LVAC, DC, Fire fighting, transformers, GIS, primary equipment, SCS, Telecom, CCTV…), remote end modifications (replacement or retro fitting),  National control center.


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